Airsac UltraMail

Introducing Airsac UltraMail – the inflatable mailing bag from Network Packaging

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Airsac UltraMail features a traditional polythene mailing bag lined with Airsac’s durable multi-chamber technology and has been designed to provide higher-grade protection than the liked of bubble lined or padded envelopes.

  • Opaque mailing bag outer – this can be tailored to your requirements from your brand colour through to size and detailed brand artwork
  • Lined with Airsac inflatable packaging for optimum protection
  • Features two self-seal strips, so can be reused for customer returns if the need arises
  • Low cost equipment – a simple air compressor or shop air is all you need to get started with Airsac UltraMail

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What benefits does Airsac UltraMail offer?

Like all Airsac products, Airsac UltraMail has been developed to offer advanced protection, as well as a host of benefits, which can help to streamline your packing operation…

  • Virtually eliminates damages & returns – as your goods will be completely protected, Airsac UltraMail minimises the costly expense of replacing damaged goods and reverse logistics
  • An all-in-one solution – Airsac UltraMail is a complete mailing solution that eliminates the need for cartons, tape and void fill, so you can reduce your packing material usage and save money
  • Eco-friendly option – Airsac UltraMail is 100% recyclable and helps lessen your packaging waste, boosting your green credentials
  • Speed up your packing – you can inflate Airsac UltraMail in a matter of seconds, cutting your packing time drastically

Airsac UltraMail is suitable for a number of businesses including internet retailers, pick & pack operations, click & collect services, pharmaceuticals, electronics refurbishers and more! To read more about the benefits of Airsac, click here.

If you’d like to see Airsac UltraMal in action, click here to view a demonstration video.

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Enquire today to see what Airsac UltraMail can do for your business. Call us on 01902 496666 or email to receive a sample, request a quote or to book an onsite Airsac UltraMail demonstration.