Cost Benefits

Protect your goods and save money with Airsac inflatable packaging

Not only can Airsac protect your goods, it can also help you save money throughout the supply chain from packaging cost, through to transport and goods damage reduction.

Airsac pallet = 5,500 laptop Airsacs

  • Reduce packaging costs – Airsac inflatable packaging can reduce pack size by 10% – 30% . This can help you save between 20% – 40% on packaging costs.
  • Minimise storage costs – as Airsac is stored flat before inflation, it’s incredibly space efficient. This means you can save up to 90% of costly storage space.
  • Lessen transport costs – Airsac is light so weights a fraction of other, bulkier packaging methods and can help reduce the cost of transport.
  • Virtually eliminate damages and returns – as your goods will be protected, Airsac inflatable packaging minimises the costly expense of replacing goods and any reverse logistics.
  • Cost effective set up – all you need to get started with Airsac inflatable packaging is a small compressor or airline, so there’s no need for expensive moulds or assembly lines.

If you’re looking to reduce damages and save money on the cost of your packaging – Airsac is the smart choice.