Environmental Benefits

Airsac – inflatable packaging that’s 100% reusable and 100% recyclable at the end of it’s life-cycle

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As well as saving you money, Airsac is an environmentally friendly form of inflatable packaging. Some of the benefits include, but are not limited to:

  • 100% reusable – you can reuse Airsac up to 10 times in transit can it can be topped up with air as and when needed if the air dissipates over time.
  • 100% recyclable – Airsac inflatable packaging is completely recyclable at the end of it’s life cycle. Simply cut along the Airsac chambers to release the air and dispose of the plastic in general plastics recycling. Airsac contains no heavy metals or toxic materials.
  • Less packaging waste – as Airsac inflatable packaging can help you reduce the overall size of your pack and is much less bulky in comparison to alternatives such as polystyrene, your business would be producing significantly less packaging waste.
  • Contribute to your CSR goals – due to Airsac being compact, less wasteful and making packaging more efficient, you can support your business’ CSR policies.
  • Lessen transport impact – as Airsac is light and space saving, it has much less impact on the environment as less C02 is emitted in transporting it (lightweight) and less vehicles are needed to courier large quantities (compact & space-saving).