Why Choose Airsac Inflatable Packaging?

Since Network Packaging launched Airsac in 2012, we’ve driven the inflatable packaging market to become more competitive, making the product more commercially viable and cheaper for consumers.

Airsac inflation tag close up

Network Packaging also engineered a new inflation tag for use in all of our Airsac inflatable packaging products. This tag was developed as an alternative the hard plastic valves you may see on other inflatable packaging products. The Airsac inflation tag offers some great benefits:

  • Reduces product cost – less material being used
  • No risk of damage or scratching to goods – tag is flexible, with no hard edges
  • Increased air retention upon inflation – hard plastic valves can be prone to leakage

Airsac inflatable packaging is ready to use in a number of stock sizes (see our online shop for the full range), plus the team here at Network Packaging can design Airsacs that are tailor-made to your needs.

Airsac by Network Packaging will eliminate product damages, is 100% recyclable, has been engineered to save you time and money and has given you a competitive market place. That’s why Airsac is the intelligent choice in inflatable packaging.